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Below is a list of of events, training sessions, and conferences that relate to Green Schools. Check back here regularly since this list is updated often.

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March 2017

Reducing and Recovering Wasted Food in Schools - Lessons from the Cafeteria Line

March 30, 2017
Online (webinar)
Type: Event

School food invokes memories of cafeteria lines, pizza and cartons of milk. What most of us didn't pay attention to or don't remember was the amount of wasted food (food that could be eaten by someone else if recovered) and food waste (food that is inedible or has been partially consumed and could be composted) created in school cafeterias. In this webinar, attendees will hear from three leaders in the industry on how to more effectively manage the entire food process affecting school cafeterias. First, you will hear about methods to teach children about the impacts of food waste and wasted food. Then, moving directly into the cafeteria, you will learn about practices to evaluate the amount of food waste and wasted food. Finally, you will learn about a new initiative to collect the wasted food and redistribute it into the community for people to eat.

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Greener Campus Webinar Series

Type: Event

Campus Ecology's Greener Campus Conference Series gives NWF Campus Ecology members and partners the opportunity to hear from leading practitioners in the field on conservation and sustainability topics and to provide a forum for questions and discussion.

Each conference features three to four speakers and provides a question and answer session to encourage discussion among the participants and speakers.

The site also includes archives of past webinars.

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